Yes We Chan

Yes We Chan stickers

Can I get a Fitz Scream? I’m going to start out this entry by saying that I thought that the Bills would be lucky to reach 8-8 this season. If they finish with that record… I will be among the many in sheer and utter disappointment (to put it very lightly).

But enough with that kind of thinking. The Buffalo Bills are looking great so far and it’s been a crazy good time watching their games. You would have to be the owner from The Natural not to cheer for Fitzpatrick & Co. And what is there to say about Coach Chan Gailey? To my mind, he’s the perfect fit to lead this group of cast-offs and afterthoughts. I would say, “YES WE CHAN.”

The stickers are roughly 3×4 inches and the rendering of Chan on the sticker was brilliantly fine-tuned by the oh-so-talented illustrator Tory Novikova. “Yes We Chan” stickers can be now be purchased on my Etsy shop as well as at Kelly’s Sports Bar NYC, on Avenue A between Houston St. and 2nd St. here in New York City (map). You can also send me an e-mail if you prefer:

Let’s try to get these stickers plastered from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Rainbow Bridge, because really, no one… circles the wagons… like the Buffalo Bills.


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