Post-Sandy Subway Service (EEEEEEEE!)

Post-Sandy subway service diagram

Post-Sandy subway service diagram

Greetings from Brooklyn! We’re alive here and the power is on.

As is well-known now, the New York City subway system took an unbelievable beating during Hurricane (Superstorm? Shitstorm? Supershitstorm?) Sandy, earlier this week. However, according to city and MTA officials, very limited service will be resuming for the Thursday AM rush hour. Conveniently, for the past year I have been working to design a New York City subway map, mostly out of dissatisfaction with the current one. Also, though slightly less conveniently—seeing as my offices’ building is still powerless and pumping out Hudson River water—I’ve had some time to kill. So, for all my friends and colleagues who may be enduring the very tedious commute in the coming days and probably weeks, here is a “Post-Sandy” subway diagram.

Here is the official info from the MTA.

As you can see in the diagram, all service in Manhattan south of 34th Street is completely suspended. Alternatively, three shuttle buses will be running from Brooklyn up to 57th Street via the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges and then up the East Side.

This was assembled in haste over the course of the last 12 hours, but hopefully it can be a modicum of help to anyone getting around town. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as more service resumes for updates to this diagram.

Stay safe (and warm).



Oh, and Go Nets.


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