Rebranding the Bisons

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

November isn’t exactly baseball time, but it is if you’re rebranding your ball club (in this case it’s our ball club). Yes, the Buffalo Bisons unveiled their new logo at Coca-Cola Field earlier today as well as new/old manager Marty Brown.
Here it is. And here.

However, I too spent some time assembling a brand proposal of my own, which I submitted to the front office in early October. Now that the Bisons have put their mark out to the public, it’s a good time for me to do the same:

The proposal I put forward to the Bisons put a degree of emphasis on the new affiliation with the Toronto Blue Jays while still maintaining a personality of its own, seizing on the equity of the longstanding Buster Bison mascot as well as the most recent wordmarks and typography  of their previous uniforms. With all due respect to the Bisons organization after seeing the mark they selected, I believe mine was a better approach.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts? Criticisms?

Anyways, Go Bisons, and Go Jays, eh.


2 responses to “Rebranding the Bisons

  1. Submit it to UnderConsideration

  2. This stuff is KILLER. How on Earth the Bisons chose the “Microsoft Publisher” look over your proposed logo package is baffling.

    Yours is the perfect combination of retro illustration and contemporary graphics, as well as an appropriate representation of Bisons history with their new Blue Jays afilliation.

    GREAT work.

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